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Vicki Kane Interview
Nov 27th, 2011 by beertent at 9:35 pm

We have a very special episode, we begin a new segment, (the things we got wrong), and we play an interview with a member of the world champs, Field Marshal Montgomery.

Vicki Kane is a tenor drummer who was nice enough to spend some time with Rab Lennox, and they were both nice enough to let us play it on our show.

You can find more about Vicki here, and more about Rab and his band Rightly On, here.


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  • Vicki Kane

    Just to let you know …the up and coming tenor - Jordan Bailie plays with FMMPB too, his info can be found on the FMMPB roster ! Glen Higgins the gent that tunes our drums, is in the tenor corps and is one of the lead tenors, in response to that query :) Rab and I were talking and in the podcast you guys mentioned doin a follow up interview (like with more bio info etc,balancing band and work,pitch info, year on year changes,coping when a tenor is missing,day of the worlds info,the moment the results were called out,the after party,small tenor sections!!)we are happy to do it, just fire through the questions! :D ………..welcome to the “FM” club lol

    Nov 28, 2011 at 5:55 pm