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About Us

Conversations from the Beer Tent.

We've all had 'em. After a long competition weekend, we meet with other members of our pipe band, or pipers and drummers from the bands that we beat and that beat us. We raise a pint to the victors, we solemnly toast the losers. We discuss the judges, their decisions, rotten and otherwise... We talk about our favorite Grade 1 bands, the Worlds... Then we talk about other stuff, things that have nothing to do with bagpipes, drums, Scotland, cabers, or haggis.

But this beer tent is for us, the great unwashed masses of bagpipers, snare drummers, tenor drummers, and the occasional bass drummer. This beer tent is for the Grade 5, Grade 4 players. We are not the experts, we are the fans. We do it because we love it, we watch it because we are fans. We do it again and again, even after the games leave us tired, broke, and occasionally hungover.

So come on into the Beer Tent. Sit down, have a pint. Have a listen.